New 'handpainted celluloid' pcard

Series #751. Scans attached. The peach smudge on the reverse is masking the price (not much!) and is not original to the item.

@TorontoPostcardClub Welcome to the forum, and thanks for the new card, looking for a spot for this new card and possible new set.

@TorontoPostcardClub I’ve created a new card and set for this addition.

Well then! Guess the search is on. Do you know off-hand if you have other 1-card sets in the database? Oh, and should the orientation be vertical?

Whoops, switched to vertical, good catch.

Yes we do have many one card sets, this database is and maybe always will be a work in progress, there are no master records of Tuck postcards and if there were they were probably destroyed.

Thankful that you, Allison and her Dad et al created such a marvellous resource for us deltiologists.