New Card/Image for Database Art Series 1604

Newbie to this forum. For the Tuck’s Art Series 1604, I have a Birthday postcard and there are several images missing in this section of your database. Hoping to fill that in by adding what I have. Is there a way to send the jpg pics rather than sending a link to an URL? Thanks -

@Kakalina Welcome to the forum, you can send me a url or upload them directly here by clicking on the button below.

Side note if you have the front and back, it helps me located the card.

Here’ the front and back. Glad to finally contribute; I’ve been using this awesome database for a while. Thanks -

@Kakalina Thanks for the images, I’ve uploaded them here:

I’ve found another Tucks card that’s not in your database. Images attached. Thanks for all you do -

@Kakalina thank again, card added here: