New Card Gorran Haven GOHN34

New card for Gorran Haven GOHN34 but no Tuck branding as with other higher number cards in this series.

@GoranMaw thanks again for the new card, I’ve uploaded it here:

Card prefix is GOHN but typo of GORN has put it in wrong series.

The database has shown me how many Tuck cards my Gorran Haven collection is still missing after 40+ years!

Oh I see, so do you think it belongs in this set?

Prefix on card is goHn but has been typed as goRn. Does this put it in a different set or is set allocation unconnected to prefix? Tuck used both GOHN and GORN prefix for Gorran Haven cards as well as GH.

Think card belongs in this set with other cards having GOHN prefix:

The higher numbered cards in this set have no Tuck branding like this card.

Hope I’ve made it clear.

@GoranMaw thanks, I’ve moved the card here, I think that’s where it belongs.

And I edited the title to clear things up a bit.