Moses in the bulrushes

@jrbuck99 I’ve gone ahead and added the moses in the bulrushes card, how’s it look?

Looks nice, Justin. Hopefully, other cards in the set will be reported someday. Of course, there are typos to correct. :slightly_smiling_face:

In the Set Title: “REWARD FOR MERIT” should be “REWARD OF MERIT”

In the Item Comment: “GLIME” should be “SLIME”, “WITH A PITCH” should just be “WITH PITCH”, “UTMOST NEED” should be followed by a comma, and “MAYST” should be “MAY’ST”. I also suspect that what appears to be a semicolon preceding “HEREIN” may actually be a poorly inked letter “t”. That would make the wording “CHILD THEREIN;” which seems to make more sense, I think.

Thanks again updated.