Long years gladdest day

@jrbuck99 working my way through the backlog of ephemera entries, how does this one look?


@justintanner, looks good. I notice, though, that you didn’t include a link for “Full Size Images”, as you do for most cards. Are you cutting back on those, or was that just an oversight?

@jrbuck99 you should see that, if not it’s an error, can you send me a screenshot?

@justintanner Oh, this is getting interesting! It appears to be a possible browser issue. This morning I was using Firefox, since I’ve found that some messaging functions in this forum don’t work quite right in my default browser, Pale Moon. So, this evening I did an initial check of that card page using Pale Moon and, lo and behold, the “Full Size Images” box was shown where I expected to see it. Then I went to Firefox to compose this reply, but first I rechecked the card’s page there and, wouldn’t you know it, no “Full Size Images” box. And, before you suggest it, clearing the cache had no effect. Still no “Full Size Images”. That led me to try the page in Chrome, where the box showed up where it should. Anyway, here’s the screenshot from Firefox.

BTW, I then went ahead and looked at a couple more individual card pages in Firefox and found the same problem, so maybe it’s a discrepancy that’s been there all along and I just never noticed it, insasmuch as I almost always use Pale Moon for all my viewing here, only switching to Firefox when I want to compose a forum message.

@jrbuck99 thanks for that screenshot, I suspect that one of the adblocker’s maybe blocking that “Full Screen” bar, because they think it’s an add.

Can you try turning off your add blocker for that site?

@justintanner Good eye! Yep, that was the problem. With Pale Moon, I use Adblock Latitude, which is apparently more forgiving of such ad-like elements than the basic Adblock Plus. Thanks!