London County Council Reward Cards Reconciliation

Found the following differences between TuckDB Postcards and Ephemera for LCC Reward Cards:

Card images on Postcards but not Ephemera:

Wrong Image on Postcards for REDBACKED SHRIKE - image is of Kestrel Hawk which has separate card. (card not currently on Ephemera - see below)

The 12 LCC Reward Cards from British Birds and Their Eggs set on Postcards but not found on Ephemera:

@GoranMaw good catches, I’ve transferred the images on the first one, and delete the wrong images on the REDBACKED SHRIKE, I’ll see if we have that card in the physical collection.

@justintanner A few more updates for LCC Reward Cards

Cards on TuckDB Postcards but not on Ephemera

Images on TuckDB Postcards not on Ephemera

Set of 6 Reward Cards on TuckDB Postcards not on Ephemera

Set of 9 Reward cards on TuckDB Ephemera not on Postcards

@GoranMaw hmm that’s quite the difference, before jumping in, I’m going to consult others before making those changes.

I’m leaning towards moving all reward cards from Postcards to Ephemera (without losing any), i’ll keep you posted.

@justintanner For reducing future maintenance workload having reward cards only in Ephemera makes perfect sense.

There is also a set of 4 Willesden School Board cards on Ephemera but not Postcards.

I came across this site which specialises in London School Board and London County Council Reward cards from all publishers when trying to work out if a reward card was by Tuck: London School Attendance Reward Cards

I have at least one Tuck Reward card to scan and add but will wait until a decision has been reached on where Reward Cards should reside.