Leatherette Series No 114 - Missing Image

I believe you are missing the images for this card from the Leatherette Series No 4. Here you go, hope this helps!

@Kakalina thanks for the excellent scan quality and contribution. I think we have this one already tho,


Are you thinking of a different set?

Thanks, when I visited the database this afternoon there was no image for this title. You do have the same card in your response here, maybe I’ll check it tomorrow and see if something different comes up. If so I’ll send you a link. If not, then looks like you’re good.

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This is what I saw regarding the Leatherette Valentines. I see this morning that this is numbered 115 and mine is 114, so maybe that’s what the difference it? Anyway, I appreciate all you do to keep this database up. Thanks -

There it is. Tuck published the same images multiple times in different sets, sometimes slightly changing the image sometimes not (like this case).