Images - IN KEW GARDENS 504

Images - IN KEW GARDENS 504 LONDON, COUNTY, divided backs (504) set

@GoranMaw thanks again images uploaded.

@justintanner Just looked at the images for the other cards in the LONDON, COUNTY, divided backs (504) set.

The images for the following 3 cards are undivided backs with individual numbers so belong with the cards in the LONDON, COUNTY, undivided backs (504) set:

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@GoranMaw you def right, those cards are not divided backs.

I’m not sure about moving them, because they appear to already be in this set:

@justintanner Agree that the undivided images in the divided backs set match with the existing images in the undivided backs set.

As images already exist in the correct set for the undivided back cards I’d delete them from the divided back set.

Divided back cards must be out there somewhere to be found to complete the divided back set.

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