Ightham greeting card

@jrbuck99 I added another greeting card, any idea what the missing words are?


Sorry, Justin, but I can’t make them out, either. The surface on my card is just too severely scraped in those spots. No amount of magnification helps!

I do have a few corrections, though! :wink: “TIMES’S” should be just “TIME’S”, “MOAT LINES” is actually “MOAT-HOUSE”, “FROM THE FLOOR” is just “FROM FLOOR”, and “AGS BURN” should be “AGES BURN”. I think you should also add “Jessie Chase” as the artist.

I’m thinking that you also might want to broaden the Set Title beyond Ightham (though I have no suggestion as to what to call it). The reason I say that is that Arbuckles’ used three additional similar designs for their trade cards, at least one and probably all three of which were also originally drawn by Jessie Chase. I’d expect that matching Tuck cards exist somewhere and might eventually turn up. The subjects on those three other Arbuckle cards are Penshurst, Haddon Hall, and Hampton Court. I don’t really know what the connection is between those four old English houses, but I’d guess that there probably is something that would group them together. Perhaps the British members here could chime in.

@jrbuck99 thanks again, changes made.