Grantown-on-spey, real photograph

This postcard is said to have been used in 1909 but it’s much later than that going by the clothes and cars.

@Fiona the “First Use” should be called “First Postal Use” as it’s meant to record the earlier postal stamp of any card in that set.

Would appear to be in the same series and is also listed as 1909

“New Spey Bridge, Grantown. Built 1930-1 by engineers Blyth & Blyth. Basically a single segmental concrete arch of 240ft (73.2m) span, with 4 cross-linked ribs. There is a small flood-relief arch on each side. A bold and elegant design.”
Available at New Spey Bridge | Canmore

IN THE SQUARE - TuckDB Postcards Shows franking of stamp from 1955
Shows franking of stamp from 1951

CASTLE GRANT - TuckDB Postcards This was franked in 1909 but it is obviously in a different series, by style of photo and reverse of card.

@Fiona whoops, you totally right, I’m updating it to 1951 August 4th.