Gilt Embossing Changed - GLASGOW ST. ENOCH'S STATION 701 III

Gilt Embossing Changed - GLASGOW ST. ENOCH’S STATION 701 III

New version of card has gilt embossing to right of inset image, image shows full roof of building and ST ENOCH’S STATION is printed on image rather than outside of image. Card also has a number of 701 II in bottom lefthand corner while the existing cards are numbered 701 III in bottom righthand corner. Date stamp and hand written date of 03/03/1903 puts its use as earlier than than the 2 date stamps on the existing card backs.

Perhaps similar versions of other cards in the set will be found.

Interesting card, gotta decide if this warrants a new entry, or the put the images with the existing one.

@GoranMaw we decided to go with a new card, and put some notes in both cards.