Four more angel head greeting cards

@jrbuck99 I’ve added four more of the angel head greeting cards, you’ve uploaded.

The last one, I had trouble deciphering the lyrics.

Thanks, again.

Nicely done, @justintanner . Other than the usual typos :grin:, they look great!

So, for the first one, in the Item Title “REIGH” should be “REIGN”, and in the Item Comment “AS IT WIL” should be “AS FLY IT WILL”, “MAYBE LOVE” is just “MAY LOVE”.

For the second one, in the Item Comment “DOUBT YET?” should just be “DOUBT YE?”.

And for the third one, in the Item Title “GODO” should be “GOOD”, while in the Item Comment “IN THE MYSTER” should be “IN THE MYSTERY”, “OF THE THINE EYES”, is just “OF THINE EYES”, “FURURITY” is actually “FUTURITY”, “MEET THREE WITH A PRAYER” should be “MEET THEE WITH A PRAYER”.

Finally, for the last one, in the Item Comment “WHILE ZEYHRS” should be “WHILE ZEPHYRS”, “BRETHREN BRING” appears to actually be “BURTHEN BRING” (“burthen” being an archaic form of “burden”).

You’re getting there!

Thanks, again, changes made.