Father Tuck’s storyland series

I have this linen book, I haven’t found anything about it, I’ll post a picture of the front and back, I’m curious to know a bit more, the date

of it and the worth if anything… I hope that’s the right place
thank you!

@Francisfp Welcome to the forum!

Looks like we have this book in our DB here:


What else were you looking to figure out about this item?

Hi, thanks Justin but It’s not the same serie, not the same annotation in the back, not the same number

@Francisfp yup that’s right, my bad.

I think it must be this one then


Yes that’s the one, how do I find information about it? The year, value, rarity…?

The year it was published, I did a quick search on catalogues, didn’t find it, but it might be in there somewhere:


As for value eBay is the best way to find a value and possibly rarity.

Thank you for your quick help Justin :+1: