Fairy Tale Paper Dolls-Different Dresses

I recently obtained these 2 paper doll dresses along with a version of the set of the Fairy Tale series of Dressing Dolls (all of the usual outfits and the doll came together along with the 2 different dresses). The backs are blank, and the doll is one piece, rather than having the separate head. I have several dolls like this, and from what I can tell, Tuck did put out less expensive versions of their sets that were not labeled on each piece.

The white dress has a hand written note saying “Little Snow White”. The other has no name. Have you ever seen these before? I know the English versions of the paper dolls came with 6 outfits rather than 4. The Whitton collector’s guide only says the English set wasn’t available to document. Thank you for your help!

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Do you have a scan of the back of those dolls?

Hi, These are the dolls and outfits in my purchase. The next pic shows the backs of the dolls with a 3rd Fairy Tale doll in the same style(I previously submitted the Morgiana headdress from this doll to the data base, but it also is not marked on back). The dolls all have the same stand. The Whitton book page referencing these sheets shows the Bride with the same stand. They were marked on the sheet, but not on the pieces. So, I think these are from Father Tuck’s Doll Sheets. Any thoughts?

Hi-Thanks for the interesting questions. I don’t know about the Snow white dress and the odd doll. I think you are correct in that it is a cheaper version and probably from one of the doll sheets. I will check against my collection as I had some odds that I couldn’t place either but I don’t know if it was this set. I did find lots of gaps in the Whitton book. I think the English sets came with titles on the backs. Are these back blank? Also as you say, the English series had the heads to be attached separately and your is continuous so I think they had to come from a doll sheet. I will see if I have any of those as they would not be listed in the database. alison

Hi-Sorry Ihave nothing else to help you with. alison

This topic is WAY outside my area of expertise, but oddly enough I got a notice this morning from LiveAuctioneers about an upcoming auction that apparently has a couple dozen lots of Tuck paper doll and related items. Perhaps there’s some information there that will be of use to you folks. Here’s a link:

@jrbuck99 thanks for that.