Earlier usage + interesting message

Found an earlier postally used copy of this one THE MADONNA ANSIDEI - TuckDB Postcards - posted 16th November 1906 … it also has an interesting message!

Posted in the Tuck Postcards Facebook page as well:
Just discovered an interesting message on the back of this Oilette 9269 dated 16th November 1906:

'Please buy a packet of six Tucks Post Cards & contribute to Tuck’s P C Chain for St Saviours Priory, Haggerston N. (Sister Florence) to help it to £1000 prize & £50 for yourself (perhaps) Post cards according to rules to be had of all (cloisters?) ’ - last word difficult to read…

This was the competition started in February 1906 to establish the longest chain. Any public institution could be nominated, and the originator had to get as many as possible to buy a packet of Tuck cards, send one in to the institution, and the rest to his friends, telling them to do so as well. Prizes were £1,000 to the institution with the most cards, and £50 to anyone that sent a card to the winning institution.

I wonder who won that one?

@PTAsecretary interesting find on the that note, anything you think might be worth noting on the card?