Earlier Posting Date for Set 1486 Coventry

Hi there,
Set 1486, Coventry Oilette Series has a first use date of 1905, but I have the Priory Row card with a posting date of December 24th 1904:

Hope this is useful.

Thanks again Nichola,

I’ve updated the date and add your back to this card:


BTW thanks for all your contributions Nichola, may I ask, how are you taking photos of the cards your scanning?


Hi Justin,
I’m using my phone camera.


Nice, if I may make a suggestion. There are now free apps that automatically crop and adjust images on the fly. Here is a good one Adobe Scan.



@duploduchess, but I don’t wanna make things too complicated, if you have more submissions, please don’t stop.

Thanks Justin, I’m a simple luddite at heart…