DORSET, SERIES II. Set - New card or missing images?

DORSET, SERIES II. is a set of 6 cards with images for 5 of the cards.

Card with no images has title ST MARY’S CHRUCH, WAREHAM.

Another card in the set with images has title ST. MARY’S CHURCH, WAREHAM (woman and child across the river from church)

The attached images are for a card which matches exactly the details on the back of the 5 cards with images - Dorset Series ll, card no 7764 etc. The image is of St Martin’s Church, Wareham rather than St Mary’s Church.

Could the title of the card with missing images have been input incorrectly and it should be St Martin’s or is this a 7th card for the series? Where do the details for cards with no images come from - a Tuck catologue?

@GoranMaw I think it’s like you suggest, it’s our mistake, I’ve uploaded the images to the card and changed the title

@GoranMaw looks like the entry references this catalog, so maybe it’s in there somewhere.

@justintanner Just realised there is a typo in the word CHURCH in title of card. Looked at card details and cut and pasted title without picking up on it when creating original post.

@GoranMaw no problem, card changed.