Do somebody own the books in the link?

@Kennma Welcome to the forum,

Yes the owner of the site does, why do you ask?

i had questions about the illustrations, i dont find the books anywhere else

You can ask here if you like.

i wanted to know if there are more illustrations to snow white included or just the both on the two back covers

Hi-I will pull the books from the collection and have a look next week when I am home. Are you just interested in the Snow White ones? Alison

yes only to snow white. i collect old snow white illustration before 1935 but i now found out that the fairy-tale pictures nr. 2353 just have 1 illustration to each fairy tale so i only would be grateful to know by old fairy tales nr. 301 and by these if snow white is icluded with illustration

these must be rare and i also dont find anywhere else, it would help me a lot.

greetings from germany

Old Fairy Tales 301 images of Snow White-internal story and the back cover which may or may not be Snow White related

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I can’t upload pictures here for 2353 so put them into the database under the book. Fairy Tale Pictures 2353
Fairy Tale painting book 4045 has no Snow White illustrations
Fair Tale Postcard Painting Book 2539 has one that is pictured below and also in the database entry now