Diamond flower greeting cards

@jrbuck99 here is the first of two diamond greeting flower cards:


And the second one


Let me know if there are any mistakes.

Wow, you’ve really been burning the midnight oil @justintanner! It’s good to see those beautiful cards make it into the DB.

Okay, the first thing that caught my eye is that the images you used for the second card are actually the same as the first. I suspect you copied the first entry and changed the text, but just forgot to change the images. :wink:

I also noticed a few typos, as follows:
On the lilies card: “GLRAMS” should read “GLEAMS”; “CASTER” should be “EASTER”; “CROSS ON CROWN” should be “CROSS AND CROWN”; and I think the missing word “___” in the verse is probably “THAT”.
On the daffodils card: “LAM” should read “I AM”; “LOVES” should be “LOVE’S”.

BTW, as you get deeper into that “Contributing images” thread, you’ll find I posted another version of the daffodils card. It has the same front, but a different verse on the back.

I have a question for you. I’ve noticed that you’ve tagged each of the new cards that you’ve recently added from my uploads as belonging to the “Greeting Card” category, but not added tags for any other subject matter. For instance, these two cards are both Easter cards, and the DB does also have an Easter category. There are also existing Daffodils and Lilies categories. Similarly the recent Giacomelli birds card and the Helena Maguire dogs cards would seem like they could be tagged to those corresponding categories. Certainly each of those cards could be found with a keyword search but, since you already have the categories, I was wondering if there was a reason why they weren’t also tagged accordingly. Are you just trying to limit the tags to one primary category per card now? The reason I ask is that, personally, when I first acquire a new card, I usually try to use the subject matter categories to see if I can locate that card in the DB. Only when that fails, do I start trying to do keyword searches to try to exhaust all possibilities. Anway, just wondering. :slightly_smiling_face:

@jrbuck99 thanks for that, all the corrections have been made.

There is no limit on the tags, the reason that I added fewer tags it’s not my collection, and one of the discoveries we made with multiple people in different locations working on the same collection, is that it’s hard to agree on how to organize things! It’s a lot easier if there is only one person.

That said, I have a large upgrade to TuckDB coming and in that upgrade, I want to Ephemera to have a new “Type” field, that’s separate from tags.

@justintanner Thanks for the explanation. In my various explorations here, I’ve often noticed many variations in how cards are shown, described, tagged, etc., so I certainly understand the need for a bit more consistency. A “Type” field certainly makes sense, too, since the overall Ephemera category encompasses such a wide variety of items: greeting cards, booklets, trade cards, puzzles, etc., etc. Good luck with the upgrade!

@jrbuck99 can you you point me to another ephemera item you posted, but I haven’t got to?

Sure thing, @justintanner. Probably the easiest one to start with is the one I just mentioned last evening, another version of the daffodils card which has the same front, but a different verse on the back. There’s also a second card in that post which is a variation on two of the other cards included below (each in a different post).

Then there are the following, which I don’t believe ever got added:
https://forum.tuckdb.org/t/contributing-images-to-tuckdb/22/66 (only the Angel Head in that post, you already got the second card)
https://forum.tuckdb.org/t/contributing-images-to-tuckdb/22/75 (2 cards)
https://forum.tuckdb.org/t/contributing-images-to-tuckdb/22/76 (4 cards)
https://forum.tuckdb.org/t/contributing-images-to-tuckdb/22/79 (4 cards)
https://forum.tuckdb.org/t/contributing-images-to-tuckdb/22/81 (first and third cards only, you already got the second)
https://forum.tuckdb.org/t/contributing-images-to-tuckdb/22/89 (2 cards)
https://forum.tuckdb.org/t/a-couple-new-greeting-cards-for-the-ephemera-db/270 (2 cards)

Whew! I think that’s all of them. There are quite a few different Angel Head cards, so perhaps you’d best take a look at all of them to see if there’s a logical way to assemble them into groups. Good luck!

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