Cy-22 the harbour

I posted this card on a local history group with the date of 1938 which is given on the Tuck website. I received the comment below. I think he knows what he’s talking about! This might affect the date of the other cards in the series.

“Fiona Newton Pre WWI postcard, which dates to 1910-1914.
The Royal Yacht in the foreground is HMRY ENCHANTRESS, built in 1903. The profile of the Battleships identifies them as a combination of Bellerophon Class and/or St. Vincent Class Dreadnought type battleships, three ships in each class completed 1909 & 1910. HMS Neptune, built in 1909, was a one off and had superumosed main armament turrets mounted aft, but otherwise was similar in profile. The nearest battleship appears to have single dark (red) coloured bands on both of her funnels, which identifies her as HMS VANGUARD of the ‘St. Vincent’ Class.
I suspect that the 4-funelled armoured cruiser on the left may be the ill fated HMS Hampshire or the earlier HMS Hogue. From what I can make out of the detail on her masts, I don’t think she is the later HMS Natal.
All three had 2 Identification bands white bands painted on their fore & aft funnels.”

Here is a link to the card:

@Fiona thanks again, I’ve added a short comment, do you think I should add anymore details?

I think that’s fine, Justin. I just thought you’d be interested in how much interest there had been on the postcard!