"County" Postcard Series 417 "Yorkshire"

This card is an earlier card than the one you have on the database as it is an undivided back

Thanks, @PhilW, I click the ebay link and I see the same card, but with no postage, what am I missing?

This image appears in the TuckDB database twice as number 2700 and 417. The 2700 card is an undivided back and the 417 card is a divided back and in both cases is described as “County” Series then the card number and “Yorkshire”.
The No. 417 card on the database is a divided back with the name of the publisher and card details on the back of the card. The Ebay example I sent you is an undivided back with the publishers name and card details on the front of the card, which is almost the same as the card you have numbered as 2700. The minor difference is one says Phototyped in Germany (2700) and the Ebay card No 417 says Phototyped in Berlin.

Ah okay I see the two cards now.

So the eBay one you posted and TuckDB 417 version, look identical to me:




Oops I missed that one!

No worries, thank anyway.