Contributing images to TuckDB

If you have come across an item which is not listed in our postcard or ephemera database, we are more than happy to add your image to our website!

This includes alternate backs and fronts of cards we already have - for example, an overprinted greeting or a different back of the card which we do not have listed.


I’ve come across this Tuck Postcard.
I’ve searched the database, but, as yet, I’ve been unable to identify it.
Sadly, the stamp has been removed, and thus the postmark, so I’m unable to date it accurately.
It appears hand water coloured, and the wording on the front, may, or may not have been added later?
The reverse has the crest on it, but, not the words “royal appointment”, and the side simply says “Raphael Tuck & Son’s printing postcard, printed in Germany”.
Seems early to me, is anyone able to help?

Thanks in advance.

HI-The postcard you have has been taken out of a Tuck postcard painting book. The books had 12-24 cards usually. A pre-printed colour card and an outline card for a child to paint or colour with the pre-printed card as a guide. Plus the paints as part of the book. The cards could both then be removed from the book and mailed to friends. Search postcard painting books in the website and look at some examples. BOYS AND GIRLS POSTCARD PAINTING BOOK number 2557 shows some good images that are very similar to your card. Alison

Thank you so much.
That explains the perforations around the edge as well.
I’ll have a search as you suggest.


Thanks for putting together this great website!

Here is a postcard I found which is missing from your database. It is captioned “The Rose Garden, Glenfinart, Ardentinny”, is part of the set “ARDENTINNY, artist signed, hand-coloured”, and has the index ATY46.



Added! (here)

Do you have a full name that you would like the image to be credited to?

Thanks, it’s Paul Edwards.

I’ll be on the look-out for the remaining card in the set.

I can’t find this card in your database.
It is entitled Noontide Rest and has a copyright Young.

Paul: I’ve updated the name. Thanks again!

Ken: It seems to belong to this set, I’ve uploaded the card and images. If you wish to provide a last name, I can add that to the credit in the card comment

oilette picture.

Fantastic site!

I found this oilette picture in my mother’s estate. It is from an original by Edith Alice Edwards (a UK artist) and dates from sometime between 1912 and 1936.

Hi Many thanks for the photos and the information. I have entered it into the category of calendar boards. It was the top of a calendar and the little calendar would have been attached to hang below. Alison

Thank you Alison. Is there any way of narrowing down the date? I also assume that the oilette was not Produced not by the artist herself.


I came across this card in a collection of post cards from my great aunt. It is similar to a other one you do have listed in your database but the illustration on this one is different, and I don’t seem to be able to find any other examples of this postcard online. According to the text on the back and what I read online it seems that it was made before the Titanic sunk but there is no postmark with a date so I am not sure.

yes, i think it was before the Titanic sank. After it sank Tuck changed the name on the card to the Olympic. alison

I am struggling to find information on my specific edition of this Tuck book. This book is The Three Bears in Farther Tuck’s Nursery Series. I cannot find it in your database or anywhere else on the internet. There is just enough of the serial number surviving to be able to determine that it is 6747.

My question to you is what date was this edition published? The Royal Warrant was granted in 1883, the New York office opened in 1885 and the company became Registered in 1895 so this edition must be on, or later, than 1895. Do we know any publishing dates for serial numbers before or after so that I can bracket a date? (Jon Allison).