Chrysanthemums jigsaw

This is about item 6629.
It looks like this puzzle was erroneously put inside a Peacock/Hamleys box. I don’t think there is any other evidence for a connection between Tuck and Hamleys. See my post on Flickr (it won’t let me include a link, but search for Chrysanthemums).

@vanoss Thanks for that info, is this the puzzle you talking about?

Yes that’s the one! So definitely a Tuck, but in the wrong box.

@amilling8 what should I do with this, take it down?

Certainly not! But I would change “published by Tuck’s for Hamley’s toy shop” into something like “made by Tuck but housed in a Peacock box produced for Hamley’s toy shop”.

Yes, I agree that it is a Tuck inside another box so the suggested change is perfect. Also we seem to have no proof of title so we should probably amend that as well. I will try to find the image in the catalogs and see if I can find it. Alison

Alison, it’s not very well visible in the picture, but the word Chrysanthemums is printed in pink at the bottom, so a pretty good guess that is the title they chose for this one. All the best, Wout