Christ keep you christmas free from care

@jrbuck99 Added the Mizpah card to the following greeting card set, how does it look?

Okay, @justintanner , I’m sure you keep throwing in those typos just to keep me on my toes! :grin:

In the item title, “KEEP YOU” should be “KEEP YOUR”, and in the item comment, “JUST A CHRISTMAS” should be “JUST AS CHRISTIAN”, “SHOULDER” should be “SHOULDERS”, “BEAR FRO THEE” is actually “BEAR FOR THEE”, and “LAYETH<” is “LAYETH,”.

Now I’m going to give you something else to think about as far as placement for this card, because to me it doesn’t really seem to fit with this set. Even though it’s a “Mizpah” card, of which there are a number of others in the DB, the style is just very different, as is the series number. However, I can’t tell where the number 155 was derived for the other three cards in that set. In fact, since no back is shown for any of those cards, it’s not possible to tell whether those three have the cherub style trademark or not.

And while I’m at it, I’ll throw you a curveball. :slightly_smiling_face: Here’s a Reward of Merit card that I recently sold on eBay. I usually only post cards that have found a home in my own collection, but I’ll make an exception here.

Look familiar? It’s the same basic design as one of the cards in that set but with changes to the text on the front and with an entire Burnside verse on the back. Also, it carries just a basic Artistic Series easel and palette trademark, so it’s hard to say whether even this card belongs in that set, or perhaps with other Reward of Merit cards, or…???. Anyway, it measures 4.5"H x 6.25"W (which I think converts to about the same metric measurements as the card in the DB) and the artist is W.J.W. Nunn.

Unfortunately, it looking through the other Mizpah cards already in the DB, I don’t see another comparable one that the Mizpah Christmas card could be placed with. The closest in appearance seems to be this one, but then that appears to have a different number and, again, no back is shown.

Anyway, I just thought I’d throw in my two cents worth (U.S. currency). Keep up the good work!

@jrbuck99 thanks for the corrections we decided to put that card in it’s own set. Not sure what i’ll do with your new card yet.

@justintanner I agree that it deserves its own set, at least for now. I say that because Arbuckles’ also used two other similar designs with Pilgrims Progress themes for their trade cards. It’s likely that those two designs also originated with Tuck, or at least were used by Tuck, so I would expect that this card could eventually be part of a set of at least three, assuming those other Tuck cards ever turn up.

I also suspect that the Reward of Merit card probably also has Reward of Merit counterparts using the other two designs in that existing Mizpah Christmas set. It seems like Tuck tended to reuse designs that way quite often.