Children at a fork in the road

@jrbuck99 last one? let me know how it looks.

Nice! The only suggestion I have is to add the artist’s name, W J Wiegand. His initials, “WJW”, are near the bottom center, but kind of get lost in the grass.

Yes, LAST ONE…for now…until my next acquisition…or…see below. Time to crack open a beer!

Over the years, I’ve sold off at least a couple dozen Tuck cards online, ones that were what I call “collateral acquisitions” that didn’t fit with my own collection. Except for the one “Moses in the bulrushes” card I uploaded recently, I haven’t uploaded any of the others. That’s partly because I figured it would be up to those buyers to contribute their own images to TuckDB, partly because the scans I used for eBay and such were not at as high a resolution as what I’ve scanned and posted here from my own collection, and partly because of the backlog in Ephemera, which Alison indicated might already take a very long time to work through. However, although the cards themselves are long gone, I do still have those lower resolution scans on my hard drive. So, if you’d like to have them for TuckDB, now that you’re making progress in Ephemera, I’ll be happy to go back and pull them out. Let me know.

@jrbuck99 low resolution scans are not the greatest, as we like to serve up our pages with high res images when possible, also I’m about to put ephemera into read-only for a week, while I transfer it over to the new system, but thanks for the offer.

Oh and btw, thanks for uploading all those submissions.