Card age assistance


Can anybody help me data this card please? I’m just interested as I found it while tidying out some of mum’s old stuff.

Welcome @DaveW,

I couldn’t find this item in, what sort of information were you looking for?

Thank you for the welcome. Sorry for the delay in replying.

I was looking for an idea of when this card was produced. It looks and feel quite old. There’s no names on it of who it’s from or to so I can’t date it with family names. It’s a very pretty card.

AFAIK, these types of ephemera are what we call “Mechanicals”, here is an example of another:

As for a date, that’s going to harder, because they weren’t mailed, unlike postcards.

Thank you Justin.

That’s very kind of you to take the time to look into this for me. I’ve never seen this card before and now have nobody in the family to ask about it, so any information is news to me. I like the card and it’s a little fragile so I think I’ll frame it to keep it safe.

Thanks again