Brighton, Sepia Sets

There are 2 sets of cards for Brighton called

BRIGHTON, sepia with 16 cards

BRIGHTON, SEPIA with 7 cards

The sets appear separately when using the new SET Filter but when either SET name is selected the 23 cards in both sets are returned.

It looks like one of the sets will have to be renamed since the upgrade?

@GoranMaw good catch, I renamed a bunch of those BRIGHTON sets to clarify.

@justintanner It look like you are renaming a lot of SET names at present as well as reviewing PLACES.

The changes you are making to the SET names are making them much clearer and easier to use.

I’ll avoid reporting issues on SET names and PLACE names until you have finished the editing.

Thanks for the time you’re putting into this.


@GoranMaw I’m not actively renaming sets at the moment. I programatically renamed 20k sets when I moved postcards to the new system, it worked well, but not perfect.

When you posted the BRIGHTON card above, I did this “Set” → “starts with” → “BRIGHTON”, and noticed that a few sets could use some manual modification.

Long story longer, if you see a set that looks weird let me know, I’m not manually going through 20k sets.