Artistic series greeting card 6174

@jrbuck99 Getting back to the list, here is another greeting card, look good?

@justintanner Looks nice, with only a couple typos (not including the “Aritsitic” in the title of this thread). :grin:

“DYAS” should be “DAYS” and “YULETIDE” should be followed by “GLOW,”. You might also want to add the author’s name, “M. R. Jarvis”, since I would think that could be a search term that might be helpful. (“Jarvis” currently turns up 14 entries in the DB, and is likely a term I tried when I was first trying to see if the card was already in the DB.) I believe most of the DB entries also include the card size, too.

BTW, on that Angel Head card you added a couple weeks ago, you missed one of my corrections, where “FROM” is still shown as “FROMT”.

I need to connect a spell checker to my additions :sweat: thanks for the corrections, they should be done.

Yeah, just don’t turn on “autocorrect”. You never know what hilarious concoctions that feature might come up with!

I see you did add “Jarvis”, but as artist rather than author. I don’t actually know who the artist was for that card.

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