Angel head greeting card

@jrbuck99 Getting back to the list, how does this angel head greeting card look?

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@justintanner Looks nice! I did notice three typos, though, as follows:
In the item title “FOLD TEE” should be “FOLD THEE”, and in the item comment “MEET THREE” should read “MEET THEE”, while “FROMT” should be “FROM”.

One other observation is that the easel and palette logo indicates the card is a “PRIZE DESIGN”. I think you folks have generally been including that info for such cards, differentiating them from the generic “ARTISTIC SERIES” cards. (When you get to them, you’ll find that some of the other Angel Head cards I posted are marked with a “PRIZE PAINTER” logo. But then, those cards are a different size, too!)

By the way, the artist who won the prize for her three Angel Head designs was Rebecca Coleman, although for some reason Tuck apparently chose not to include her signature on the card. I think they were somewhat inconsistent in that respect. The design contest was described in an article entitled “MR. RAPHAEL TUCK’S EXHIBITION OF DESIGNS FOR CHRISTMAS CARDS” in the November 15, 1880, issue of The Printing Times and Lithographer.

Thanks for the corrections, I’ve updated the card, got improve my data entry skills.