A couple more Helena Maguire cards for Ephemera

Here are a couple Helena Maguire dogs cards for the Ephemera DB. They don’t have numbers and there doesn’t seem to be a comparable set in the DB, so good luck figuring out where to put them. :slightly_smiling_face: They do seem to be part of the same set, though.

The first is captioned “Love at first sight.” and uses the same illustration as this numbered Christmas card. However, my card is smaller, has a verse on the back, and no number, so it doesn’t really belong with that card, I don’t think.

The verse on the back is by Frederic Langbridge.

The second card is one I thought that I uploaded last year in the original “Contributing…” thread, but I can’t find it in my posts so apparently I overlooked it. It’s captioned “Playmates”.

The verse on the back is by H. M. Burnside.

Both cards are aproximately 3-1/4 inches x 4-3/8 inches.

@jrbuck99 Thank again,

I’ve gone ahead and added those two cards to a new set: