3 greetings cards

My father in law died two weeks ago and among his stamp collection are 3 Tuck greetings cards.

The first is listed on the site:
HURRIED GREETINGS below stick-person cyclist, another falls from behind, both have lost hats

The second is from the same series and has ’ a race for life’ on the front with an opening door and the third is similar that says ‘wishing you a very merry Christmas’ and has two opening windows.

Has anyone any idea if these are worth much money and where I could sell them.

Many thanks for any help you can give

@jl247 Welcome to the forum!

Try this, look for the number on the back of the card, search for that, and and words on the front of the card, to see if you can find matches for the other cards.

If we have a price estimate, it’ll be there.

If that fails, here is a rule of thumb:

  • Most Tuck cards/items are worth 5 - 10 bucks
  • Some ultra-rare cards/items are worth 100+ bucks

Also if they are greeting cards, search for them here:

Thanks for advice.